• product name: Raw Sheet of Galvanized Steel Grating
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The Wanjie Brand raw sheet of steel grating is a semi-finished steel grating product that is fabricated by a large press type resistance welder and has the length of 5-7 meters and the width meeting the nominal rating. The raw sheet can be made into various augmented products of steel grating like platform plates, trench cover plates, treads, etc. after cutting, wrapping and surface treatment.
The Wanjie Brand steel grating is highly praised thanks to its flat surface, firm welding points, nice shape, and accurate size.
Advice: for the sake of nice layout and quick processing, the length (the bearing flat steel direction) of the steel grating can be an arbitrary value and the width (the cross bar direction) can be the nominal rated value as much as possible during design and selection. That is the card modulus. The length or width should be unified as much as possible.
ΔExecutive Standards: YB/T4001.1-2007 of China, BS4592-1995 of Britain, ANSI/NAAM(MBG531-2000) of USA, AS165 Design Standard of Australia
ΔMaterial: carbon steel Q235
Δdistance between the centers of flat steel: 15-30, 40, 60, 80, 90m; 30mm and 40mm to be recommended.
Δdistance between the centers of cross bars: above 30mm; 50 and 100mm to be recommended
ΔSurface treatment: G-hot dip galvanized
Δbearing flat steel shape: F- flat type S- serrated  I- I-section
ΔQuality Certification: ISO 9001:2008 International Quality System Certification
Δspecifications of common steel grating
Bearing flat steel with distance between centers of 20mm: fine mesh steel grating that has high bearing capacity, avoids falling sundries and is applied to multi-layer passenger platforms, aisles and trench covers with higher requirements on safety against dropping.
Bearing flat steel with distance between centers of 30mm: common steel grating that has higher strength and resistance to surface impact and is applied to various industrial platforms.
Bearing flat steel with distance between centers of 40mm: economical and light type steel grating that is usually applied to belt aisles, warehouse shelves, loft floor boards, trestles, guard rails, sunshade grates, etc.
Bearing flat steel with distance between centers of 60mm: particularly suitable for the mining industry to solve the problem of accumulating of splashing minerals on the gangway; usually applied to the mining and processing course; a best choice for the suspended ceiling in the factory building, meeting room and gymnasium due to its light weight.

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